Below are the websites for various musicians working on aspects of ancient music (concert programs and recordings), from Ancient Greece and Rome through the early Middle Ages.

Altramar (medieval music; an early Celtic music project):

Miriam Andersén (medieval music; Scandinavian, Northern folk):

Benjamin Bagby (Beowulf):

Bragod (early Welsh music):

Agnethe Christensen (Sequentia, various medieval and folk projects):

Ensemble De Organographia (music from Ancient Greece and the Near East):

Kate Fletcher and Corwen ap Broch (early medieval; early music and folk):

Musica Romana (Roman and Greek music):

Tim Rayborn (medieval music; Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and Greco-Roman music):

Norbert Rodenkirchen (Sequentia, early Germanic music):

Sequentia (medieval music; Norse, Icelandic, Germanic, and early Frankish programs):

Synaulia (reconstructions of Roman music):

Wolodymyr Smishkewych (Sequentia, early Slavic epics):